Monday, January 11, 2010

My God Alone

There’s no question of Your greatness,
no searching of Your power.
All the wonder of Your glory,
to You forty years is but one hour.
Your knowledge is all encompassing,
to Your wisdom there is no end;
for You alone are God,
You are God alone.

Your mercy is everlasting,
Your truth is here always.
You are He who was and is, and is to come.
Who is He that can number you day,
You’ve flung the sun to burn in space,
and the night’s moon powers light from day;
You are God alone.

Now unto the King,
eternal, immortal, invisible,
the only wise God,
the only wise God;
You alone are God,
for You are God alone.

Be all glory and honor,
dominion, and power
forever and ever, amen.

For You alone are God,
You are God alone

I pick this lyric from Marvin Sapp and it really tells me something about God. I like to share my thought about God with you.

Who is God?
When I was born little did I know I was made into this world not knowing my fate, destiny, or even my well being. But I place it in your hand because you predestined me to journey the plan you have made for me even before I was not form. You charge your angels to mould me because you love me and know what is the end for me. You are my alpha and omega the true to the end.

I was born through my biological mother which you chosen for me. You put your trust in the earthly father and mother to take care of me when I am frail and weak. You are my provider even you make sure the provisions for my earthly parents sufficient to make me strong and pour out your love through my earthly parents upon me to protect me and care for me. You guide me and talk to me in my sleep. When I am alone you sent your angel to protect me. I did not understand but I was overwhelmed by the peace and joy as a child. You put your plan in place one by one through my earthly parents. You carve out your goals for me and taught me the good and bad that I may know this world is not meant for me. You discipline me so that I could remember what I was taught and be wiser each time.
Yes, through the years gone by I have broken some rules you put in me but you never forgotten me like my earthly parent forgave me. I am not perfect neither I am righteous. I was confused by the world appealing desire that’s why I am lost in direction. I was afraid I will never be the same and couldn’t find the first love and experience with you. I stumble and tumble bruises here and there till I am lost in this treacherous world. I thought I will never find myself again what I am purpose for this world. I search and search in my life and you always know the script of my life well. You show me to the green pasture even though I didn’t understand or discipline to obey. I try sometimes and fail because my prides take over me rather my trust in you lead me. I try your ways and I enjoy my moment of experience. Sometimes I lost my way due to my wayward life but you‘re always there to watch over me.

As I recalled time after time where I am hunger, lost of hope and down trotted you always show me there a miracle waiting for me if I could only trust. You provide me love, family, blessing and hope till my time is near to go home to you. I know I will never be alone after my journey in life. I know my God is always with me wherever I am. For you alone are my strength, my source of life, my provider, my peace, my hope and my God Alone.