Monday, June 29, 2009

Building Your Life on The Word

I came across this article concerning building your life on the WORD. Many times my cell group taught us to immerse ourself in the word of God. We study and discuss subject every alternate fridays and no matter how much we study and share our opinion the Words seems to be working less penetration in our life.

In fact, i found that by surrender to Him at your own accord you will find your self more drawn to remembering the word better and fear Him. An intimate with God is more crucial than to share as. I believe by fearing Him is more penetrating effect than building your life by the Words. Men is unpredictable and no one is perfectly innocent.

Matthew 7:24-26 Jesus warn us to build a strong foundation.

God Bless


Steve said...

I agree. Fear the Lord, surrender to His will and He will place His Word in your heart and mind.
God Bless!!

chop said...

Thank for your comment and may all good christian fear Him always