Sunday, June 28, 2009

My fellow Brethen Opinion

While i was dreaming of getting this blog started and pursue the purpose i set for it. I enquire with some fellow brothers about my blog. The respond i am getting is not as positive as i expected. Looking the opportunity to share word of God in cyber world is a big challange to me but i almost forget the consequences of sharing the sermons as my fellow brothers explained.

I am innocent or blisfully ignorance of what happen in the church. I am not high profile member they use to describe me which unlikely my fellow brothers thirst of getting into the details of what happen in the church. But they do describe to me some events i feel like violating the freedom of religion.

This might not be happening in free country like first world country but not in third world where religion suppression is almost a lifestyle to us. Wait a minute i shouldn't use the word suppression.

I would bet this bondage will break in due time as world embrace the economic and pyschological depression.

Maybe i may rethink my strategy of sharing my thoughts of Word of God in another context.

Sigh.... what a waste.

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Steve said...

Do not give up. You never know where the Holy Spirit may use you to plant a seed. Speak what is on your heart and what is written in God's Word, the Bible.
God Bless You!!

We started in much the same manner as you. Now see where we are today!!
God is Good to Us!!