Friday, June 26, 2009

My first blog

Hi, my name is nelson and i have been a christian since age 13 and now i am almost 40 years old i have found myself lost in many years of opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus to any of my friend be it i have acquaintance with or just an ordinary stranger.

In fact this is my first blog i set up and i was meddling the idea for quite sometime of sharing the gospel of truth via internet. I know there are plenty of sites or blogs that have the same purpose and intention but i believe i must do what is justify as a child of god to bring in the lost souls.

My knowledge and verses are from my pastor who has been pastoring me for 25 years and i have so much blessing from him as a prophetic pastor and friend.

I will be sharing in due time the sermons from my beloved church Metro Tabenacle and i hope you will be bless with it.

'wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisdom"

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