Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Warning Against The Adulteress

There are many things in life you did not see right in front of you even though you go through many times. I myself is no perfect christian. How often you can see it once and you know what the word said. I am referring to the Bible.

Bible is such a fascinating book from God. There is no ending and no beginning. Every word is a living word that speak to your heart.Is like a double edge sword.

My devotion today is based on the book of Proverbs chapter 7. It explains the coming of adulteress. The bible warned that adulteress lurking everywhere and if you are trap your life is no better than to resuscitate and resurrect again. As i read from verse 7 to 21 the adulteress coerce you into her lear like hushing of the sheep to slaughter house. It really tickles me how it describe the things adulteress does that we cant compare to the daily things we taken for granted such as drugs, gambling, work, socialising, money and etc things that draws you away as mentioned in chapter 7. Little did i realised that such things that you so obsessed so ignorance can cause you your spiritual life and your family to suffer the consequences just like verses 22 and 23. What you so indulge in till it drains you away is the adultress of your life. Start identify it and submit it to God.

God is merciful and always forewarn you like verse 1 to 5 and again 24 to 25. Seek wisdom and store understanding be it spiritually or from the word. God always resuscitate you even you are down at the pit of adulteress. Just ask and seek Him.

I myself need repentent for the things i have neglected.

God Bless


Steve said...

Good lesson in that.
Keep up the good work, Brother.
God Bless!!

chop said...

Thanks will do so. Hope to reach out more people.