Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Christianity Now

Christianity what does it mean to you.

We all know Christ inanity was born when Jesus die on the cross for our sin. That is ages ago. With 12 disciples teaching of Christianity spread to every corner of the world. What about now? How does Christianity grow in this era.

We have so many avenues that we can share and reach to non believers such as blogs, Internet, community, tweeter, emails, advertisement or even brick and mortar ways.

I was informed by my pastor that Assembly of God has a membership of 60 million people. I am not complaining since Catholics owns 1 billion member. But the world has 7 billions of inhabitant. So what is that 12%.

The ancient has done so much to build the foundation with only sparing tools they have just feet,mouth and burning desire. We are at the cutting edge of new technology couldn't build even stronger foundation.

So what Christianity to you as a believers mean now. Have we done much to deserve the crown in heaven. I myself does not see myself reaching out and i believe a lot of christian have the same issue.

Factors we Christian are lacking of burning desire ( may not be exhaustive)are below:

1)Lack of knowledge in Bible.
2)Personally shy to approach others feeling reject.
3)Short sighted of opportunity.
4)Alter motive instead of God Motive.
6)Lack of Interest.
7)What benefit me first instead of God.
8)Culture and Traditions.
9)Me, Me, Me, all mine

I dont have the answer to all the above but i believe if you put God first you will be lead to greater life. I have put God now for the works i done in this blog to plant seed and see it grow hopping i can touch others. The rest is up to God to work on it. I can see the harvest is in God's hand.

God Bless


Steve said...

Excellent post!!
God Bless,

chop said...


I hope there are christian will have a glimpse of my message.

God Bless